NYFW2017 Event - Plitz New York City Fashion Show

Another busy week during the New York Fashion Week. This time I covered the Plitzs New York City Fashion Show at the Pennsylvania Hotel, with full of talented fashion designers, hair makeup artists, and stylists.

As a New York Fashion & Portrait Photographer, it's beautiful to see each design in person and the amount of details on each outfit. From designers Nina Lasak, Michelle Charise, Majer Lewis, William Bradley, Philip Loving and many more. Each designer has it's own unique style and incorporate their native culture into their designs, with combination of modern and casual to sexy and vibrant. 

As I specialize in fashion and portrait photography, but not fashion show event, I had a lot of fun capturing the details of the show in my photojournalistic style. Besides meeting the designers in person, meeting new likeminded photographers and seeing our good friends from XL Media Colin and his writer Chris during the show. I look forward to working with some of the fabulous designers, shooting their collections, lookbook editorial submissions, as well as the next upcoming fashion show.

Here are highlights from the Plitzs New York City Fashion Show.